Substance Use Cessation and Prevention

Walla Walla County Department of Community Health has contracted with Washington State Department of Health to coordinate the Youth Cannabis and Commercial Tobacco Prevention Program (YCCTPP) in the nine-county Greater Columbia region. Through the YCCTPP we serve youth and young adults ages 12-23 by providing cannabis and tobacco education, and cessation support to current tobacco and nicotine smokers. We use evidence-based practices that have been designed around scientific evidence, tested thoroughly, and proven to produce positive results (no scare tactics) in order to educate youth and youth-serving organizations. Through media campaigns with a focus on policy, systems, and environmental changes, we share information to the entire community. 

Some of our successful changes include creating smoke-free parks and events (i.e. farmers markets), working with healthcare providers on asking about cannabis use and encouraging safe storage of products to prevent youth and pets from accidental ingestion, and the creation of a regional positive community norms media campaign that focuses on the positive behaviors. We also provide education to current cannabis and tobacco users on the importance of safe storage, the harms of use, the benefits of quitting, and cessation resources. Finally, we provide information to parents on how to talk to their youth about substance use, as well as the importance of talking to youth early and often. As the regional lead, we ensure all nine counties in the Greater Columbia Region (Asotin, Benton, Columbia, Franklin, Garfield, Kittitas, Walla Walla, Whitman, and Yakima) receive education, resources, and services.

Tobacco Prevention and Education Program

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Our tobacco prevention and education program works to decrease youth and adult use of tobacco through education and outreach and well as supporting policies to reduce exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. Below are links to information about smoking and vaping as well resources to support quit attempts.

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Access a full list of resources to quit smoking your way
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Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI)

In 2011, the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery launched the Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI) to provide substance abuse prevention services and strategies through local coalitions in high-need communities. CPWI is implemented in all 39 counties in the state of Washington and active in over 100 different communities. Communities have proven to be an effective organizing force for bringing evidence-based policies and programs to scale, improving public health.

CPWI is a community and school-based model for delivering prevention programs and strategies to reduce underage misuse and abuse of alcohol, marijuana, opioids, tobacco, and other drugs. This model uses a data-informed, community-level decision making process to determine root social and emotional causes that predict problem behaviors.

College Place Prevention Coalition (CPPC)

College Place Prevention Coalition is aimed to educate and empower youth to make healthy decisions around substance use and promote mental health. Our mission is to decrease substance use through education and through empowering our community to make healthy decisions. Our vision as a coalition is to create a community in which all youth, individuals, and families feel empowered to make healthy decisions. The Coalition is comprised of a multitude of community members including College Place key stakeholders and community leaders and community members of all ages and demographics. 

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W2 for Drug Free Youth Coalition

w2 for drug free youth
W2 for Drug Free Youth is a drug and alcohol prevention program of Walla Walla County, designed to reach Walla Walla community youth, by providing direct prevention services, programs, resources and support. 

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